Diabetes Destroyer Program Review by David Andrews is an eBook that will help you overcomhttp://wox.cc/site/js/form/img/markup_url.gife this complex disease, but I want to leave you here important information that will allow you to start the path to a healthy life.In this article I will tell you about the importance of the alkaline diet against diabetes and I will give you some recipes so you can change your diet.In principle you should know that the food we consume directly affects the pH balance in the body.It has been shown that eating more alkaline products than acids and generating such an environment in the body has multiple advantages in different orders, being specifically useful for people .
Opts for the alkaline route

Following an alkaline diet does not mean completely eliminating acidic foods from our meals, but giving priority to the former.You have to incorporate 70 or 80 percent alkaline products into your diet, and never exceed 30 percent acidic foods.Why is it so important to follow these guidelines? If you maintain an alkaline diet you will be avoiding the accumulation of the so-called metabolic acidity.This condition promotes the development of diseases of degenerative type and autoimmune pathologies. That's why you should privilege alkaline foods like all green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits and certain oils.

Three Alkaline Recipes

I will now share with you three tasty and nutritious alkaline recipes, which you can begin to prepare today in your home. Pay attention:

• Banana pancakes: you will need a banana, a tablespoon of cinnamon and two tablespoons of grated coconut.You must step on the banana and add the coconut and cinnamon, mixing for a long time until a kind of dry pasta is settled.Then you will try to flatten the pasta and go arming pancakes, to let them to dry to minimum oven, about one hour by each side.The purpose is not to cook but to dry them, you can achieve the same effect by placing the pancakes under the sun if you live in an area with lots of solar radiation. Once dried, they will be ready to be consumed.

• Salad and alkalizing juice: in the case of the salad you must combine all the green leafy vegetables that you find and season with olive oil and sea salt.You can add oregano and it will be ready. For juice you will need one cup of spring mineral water, one cup of blueberries, two bananas, one serving of cabbage, spinach and spinach and one tablespoon of wheat germ. Mix in blender, add ice, process and drink.

• Asparagus with avocado sauce: steamed asparagus, and then add a sauce that combines these ingredients: avocado, lemon juice, olive oil, thyme, green onion and sea salt.
Place the asparagus with the sauce on the plate and enjoy another delicious alkaline food.Do you want to Diabetes Destroyer Program?
Prepare these alkaline recipes and delve into the effective method of David Andrews, which will lead you to a new life of health and well-being.Needless to say, because everything you have to know and want to ask you will find there. Do not hesitate a second more because that second you lose can be used to radically change your health.
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